Why light doesn’t pour like water

Once as a child – you were an expert, an accomplished virtuoso, at learning new things. Questioning every morning,as you open your window, why the light was not leaking away. You had a cutting-edge curiosity. You wondered if the light could also float and why the wind was unfit to blow it off. Unable to labor all the reasons,you would stare blankly at the horizon as you enjoy the euphoria.

Unlike gas, light cannot be blown away, neither can it leak like a gas or smoke does. Smoke and gases both are composed of atoms. Atoms are the smallest particle of matter. Since smoke and gas both have atoms, they can be able to float. On the contrary, light does not have atoms. This property makes it unable to float or leak. An attempt to blow away light will turn out futile.

Light also travels in a straight line. Imagine a baseball being short hard at target. I reckon the baseball will travel straight to its target. And with the same allegory, light also travels straight to its target. Blowing it off will be wrong idea. When a light ray hits your clothes, part of it is reflected some of it gets absorbed. The absorbed light is quickly converted into heat energy. Making the temperature of the cloth warm. Thick metallic objects like steel, reflect most of the light that hit them. They also absorb very little light and allow none to pass through. In contrast, other objects like glass transmit most light since they are transparent. And so, exactly how much is absorbed transmitted, or reflected will depend on the thickness and the shape of the material. A piece of paper will allow much light to pass through.

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