How new scientific discoveries are made

I still remember being in that dreadful physics lecture. I still carry with me the memory of my lecturer sprinkling in equations on the board, students on the other hand,dwadling in an attempt to find corresponding equations.

So much for my lecturer.He inspired me to ask the same old question—where do equations come from and how are they even formulated. Only this time I was serious on finding the answers to those questions.

It is prudent to examine history of eminent scientist in order to succeed in our quest. Take for example, James Clerk Maxwell, who discovered that light was indeed an electromagnetic wave.

His biography points out that he had noticed similarity between electricity and magnetism—in the sense that they had same constant; that is the speed of light. It is allegorical to saying puppy A has a white spot on its tail and puppy B has a white spots on the tail too, therefore both puppies are related.

Clark was right, for he knew that this could not just be a mere coincidence. From then onwards electromagnetism became a new field of study.

Newton, on the other hand, once described reality using mathematics, in order fit his model. The idea is based on the fact that one cannot claim to know all aspects of reality. It is, however, possible to predict reality using equations. It is more like saying, dark clouds equals to rainfall, no cloud no rainfall. This strategy saves us from the agony of blindly laboring for discoveries.

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